Henan Mushroom Industrial Belt---Base Of The Mushroom Species


Shiitake mushroom is certified by national ecological products protection - good ecology is productivity

Xixia county declared national ecological protection demonstration area of origin products smoothly through the national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine expert group evaluation, become the nanyang is the first through the evaluation of national level demonstration zones of ecological products of origin protection. Expert group after field survey that XiXia separates north and south climate, with the advantages of building ecological tourism industry of origin, the county at the same time strengthen the ecological responsibility and ecological behavior, the ecological idea, make good use of species resources, environment resources, human resources, promote the construction of ecological civilization.

Xixia county won the provincial ecological county crown is more, these old irrigation river stork is increasing, and the stork have has the reputation of "environmental protection", where the environment is good, where the stork.


Ecological products of origin refers to the product life cycle in accord with green environmental protection, low carbon energy saving, resource saving requirements, and has the characteristics of origin and the characteristics of good ecological products. Xixia county based on the core water source of south-to-north water transfer project, set up the concept of "ecological economic, ecological economy" development, insist on with the building of ecological civilization demonstration county, organic and ecological characteristics, and is committed to build "kiwi promenade along the national road 312 hundred kilometers, hundred kilometers mushroom the stork river corridor", accelerate the "bacteria fruit medicine" characteristic agriculture cluster upgrading, achieve the "win-win" economic benefits and ecological benefits. XiXia has been named "China kiwi fruit of the township", "Chinese township of the dogwood", "Chinese mushrooms of the township", "national agricultural standardization production demonstration county", "the edible fungus standardization demonstration zone", "national export food quality and safety of agricultural products demonstration zone", "sustainable development of the national ecological demonstration county", "national ecological demonstration zone". Currently, the four products of shiitake, kiwi, mushroom paste and dogwood products are certified by national ecological products protection.

Good ecological productivity is the set of "mountain, water, green" into an organic whole, pure and fresh and picturesque livable city, productivity, ecological resources can be converted to "green" into "gold". With green water and green mountains, there will be a mountain of gold. XiXia continue around the ecological transformation of the pattern of economic development, promoting economic transformation and upgrading, the ecological advantage into regional competitive advantage, for the county economy provides an ecological win-win and development samples.