Henan Mushroom Industrial Belt---Hometown Of Chinese Mushroom


At present, the development of edible fungus industry in full swing across the country, in the central about under the situation of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the edible fungus industry modernization into shape, scale and industrialization development, production, sales and has become a veritable exporter. In recent years, we actively promote the edible fungus industry and the recycling of natural resources, the health, organic combination of precision and so on national development strategy for poverty alleviation, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, have produced a large number of alternaria alternata base county industrialization leading enterprises, and promote the edible fungus industry. 


Today we held a series of industrial activities, and actively guide and promote medicinal edible fungi, bacteria, industry culture, international communication work progressed, formed a good response in society. The meeting will further summary and good publicity in the edible fungus industry in henan province on the development work experience, explore the edible fungus production and new way of the combination of local raw materials, promotion experience of further deep processing of edible fungi, especially in the led industry to speed up the pace of internationalization of market of edible fungi. Rapid development in the industry at the same time, we need to further enhance the quality of the industry development and the space of industrial development, vigorously advocate and promote the standardization of production and management, demonstration in the brand construction, electronic commerce, industry and culture construction to work again. 

All the way to respond to the central advocated by the "area" development, precise poverty alleviation of poverty, characteristic small towns and "healthy China" development strategy, the edible fungus industry has unique advantages into play, make new contribution to the local economic and social development.