Promote Industrial Cluster to Achieve Leaping Development

1. Create a characteristic industry park to enhance the industrial level

During the Eleventh Five-Year, Shenqiu industry cluster had already totally completed 9 billion Chinese Yuan for project and infrastructure investment, about 80 enterprises entering into the park. It is regarded by Henan Industry and Information Technology Department as provincial start-up base and service platform for small and middle-sized enterprises. 

Polyester fabric industry is the traditional industry with a history of 300 years in Shenqiu county. In recent years, the local government had paid much attention to enhance industrial level, focusing on promoting the core competitiveness, and made great achievements.


( Shenqiu county clerk, Yang Yongzhi, introduced the local industrial development  )


2. Build regional brand to enhance the industrial strength

To speed up the integration of the polyester fabric industry, the local government selected a dozen leading enterprises, such as Huafeng, Hengfeng, Shenqiu ZM filter Material Co., Ltd, giving them strong support to expansion enterprise scale and competitiveness. In recent years, a total of more than 30 new products.

So far, the capacity of forming wire can reach 15 million ㎡, and the products are exported to Japan, Sweden, Australia, Russia, southeast Asia areas and etc, with  Annual output value over 2.3 billion Chinese Yuan. 


(Modernized Production Equipment)

( Teams of Dahe network and Henan Provincial government network reported the local industrial development in Shenqiu County. )