Technology introduce: extraction and purification of Lentinan from mushrooms projeect

Project Information

Technology introduce: extraction and purification of Lentinan from mushrooms


  • Extraction Standard

    10%~20% of lentinan from mushrooms

  • Products

    Lentinan- kind of plant extract

  • Application

    healthy foods;medicine

  • Effect

    Anticancer; Antiviral

  • Technology

    Phytoextraction from mushrooms

  • Requirements

    China produces 80% mushroom of the whole world and sold all over the world. Except fresh mushrooms and dry mushrooms, we also product mushroom sauce, dehydrated mushrooms, mushroom crisp and other mushroom processing food. Now we plan to introduce a deeper processing technology of mushrooms, that is extraction and purification of Lentinan from mushrooms.
    Lentinan is an element which can help anticancer and antiviral. As it is natural and organic, it has little side effect and has been used into medicine for many years. In the past, many countries import mushrooms from China and extract lentinan themselves. Now we would like to offer lentinan directly. If you have relative technology, we can negotiate to set a production line together.
  • Market benefits

    1.China itself has a large market of lentinan and China has only one factory produce lentinan injection and a few factories produce lentinan capsules.
    2. We can also export lentinan to many countries;
    3. We can improve the value of our mushrooms via making full use of the leftover parts of mushrooms.
  • Supportive policies

    1. Our local government have preferential policies to encourage the high-tech introduction, such as preferential tax, subsidies, factory land, etc.
    2. Our local commerce department will help to build bridge to the medicine production factory.
    3. Lentinan has higher export tax-rebate ratio to promote the export and the export price will be competitive.